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electrostatic and conductive flooring

Electrostatic and Conductive Flooring on Modular OT

It is challenging to choose the right flooring in hospital areas like operating theatre floors, intensive care units, and imaging diagnostic centres. Aside from complying with strict hygiene standards to prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections, electrostatic charges can pose a serious threat to sensitive electronic equipment and devices when choosing floor coverings.

Importance of Electrostatic and Conductive Flooring on the Operating Theatre floor?

A hospital has many different environments, including operating theatre floors, that require protection from electrostatic discharges (ESD) for the safety of patients, staff, and equipment. Modular operation theatre manufacturers need to be aware of this importance and provide the right services.

Which Areas Need Electrostatic and Conductive Flooring?

Electrostatic discharge precautions are important in modern healthcare design in areas that handle or store explosive gases, or in those that use sensitive imaging, diagnostic, and treatment equipment.

Anaesthesia, intensive care units, laboratories, MRI and CT imaging areas, cleanrooms, and operating theatres are examples of these spaces.

Surgical operating rooms are one of the spaces that require greater care since they are used for high-risk procedures. Since they reduce electric shocks and facilitate asepsis, Conductive Floors play an essential role in operating rooms.

According to the guidelines for modular operation theatre, floors in critical areas of hospitals, such as operating rooms, should be made of materials that are high-tech, resistant, and antiseptic. Medical personnel and patients benefit from that.

As a result, it is crucial to use conductive floors in operating rooms, as they facilitate the fast and safe conduct of electrical charges. These operating theatre floors are non-flammable, water-resistant, and have optimal antimicrobial properties.

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What is the risk of ESD?

When electrically charged objects are brought close to objects that conduct electricity, electrons will jump across the gap, resulting in a discharge. Sparks or cracks may occur if the charge is strong enough.

Even a tiny discharge, too small for a person to notice, can interrupt sensitive electronic components or cause equipment failures. Hence, ESD-resistant floors are necessary for areas with sensitive electronics.

The attraction of static electricity to charged surfaces also attracts dust, airborne contaminants, and other particles.

As a result, reducing static in healthcare facilities makes surfaces easier to clean and improves the cleanliness of the environment. This potentially reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses in the process.

Sai Seva Service, a renowned modular operation theatre provider, offers conductive and electrostatic flooring.

What are the benefits of an electrostatic and conductive floor?

  • Reduce Electrostatic Charges

An important goal of protected areas like cleanrooms and operating theatres is to reduce electrostatic charges. It is important to consider the floor covering in areas with such characteristics.

  • Enhanced Performance and Hygiene

Conductive vinyl is used for Operating theatre flooring. Its electrostatic properties make them permanently conductive.

Placing copper strips under the vinyl material and applying conductive glue under the coating enhances the performance of the operating theatre floor.

To ensure hygiene in such an environment, the floor has a hollow skirting where it makes contact with the wall.

  • Unaffected By Environmental Conditions

Materials and installation procedures ensure permanent conductive properties that meet all standards for operating theatre floors.

In spite of changes in environmental conditions, such as humidity levels, the floor covering will maintain its optimal performance throughout its lifetime.

The above factors contribute to a floor covering’s optimal performance, regardless of changes in environmental conditions.

  • Economical Solution

Stains and scratches are particularly resistant to the upper layer of the lining. As it has a long lifespan, it provides a more economical and sustainable solution for the space.

  • Varied Designs

The variety of shades and finishes provides a wide selection of aesthetic options to suit each space’s needs.

  • Low maintenance

It’s easy to install ESD floors over existing floors. Furthermore, it is easy to seal these floors with floor finish products after installation.

Final Word

The best hospital flooring is ESD Flooring, which is suitable for labs, MRI rooms, cleanrooms, and operating theatres.

Especially, those working in healthcare environments where electrostatic discharge can pose a health and safety risk should be aware of ESD flooring.

Electrostatic discharge can pose a health and safety risk in operating theatres. Hence, ESD Floors should be used as operating theatre floors. Contact us today to install ESD flooring or operating theatre floors.

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modular ceilings

What are Modular Ceilings?

If you reside in a building, it is difficult to picture a home without a ceiling. They are necessary for dining areas, bedrooms, and even kitchens. As important as they are, it is to understand the various types and suitability of each room in which they are being installed into. Modular ceilings assist in enclosing and dividing areas, controlling the dispersion of light and sound inside a space, and preventing the transfer of sound across spaces. Having high ceilings gives regular rooms the appearance of being expansive.

Additionally, they offer greater room for décor and often more natural light and ventilation. However, the additional air volume in the room may make it more challenging to heat or cool.

What are Modular Ceilings Made Of?

Modular ceilings are made out of pressed metal tiles that join to a concealed substructure to provide a finished, smooth appearance. The O.R. and the ceiling area above are hermetically sealed by a neoprene gasket that is located between the tiles and the substructure.

This might be the last thing people typically see when they enter a building or room, but indeed it is seen. A modular ceiling will improve the interior design of the space, which determines its aesthetics if you want a ceiling that commands attention while still serving its purpose.

Your modular ceilings may be made to be fire-resistant as well. They are also able to conceal other services like ducts, pipes, and cables; they may also be able to accommodate building utilities like vents, lights, sprinkler heads, and so on.

If you plan to install a modular ceiling, get expert recommendations from Sai Seva Service, a reliable modular ceiling supplier in India. Call +91 8469131313.

Modular False Ceiling

The modular false ceiling can be installed in any place like offices, buildings, and even in rooms. Such ceilings can be customized according to your will and requirements. Besides, you will also experience enhanced soundproofing and easier access to structural parts with brighter rooms.

False ceilings are a further architectural feature that not only enhances the beauty of the space but also increases its energy efficiency. It is a strong yet lightweight plastic that has many uses.

The modular false ceilings are waterproof, more effective, and long-lasting in high-moisture locations like balconies, bathrooms, and basements than gypsum false ceilings.

PVC Laminated Ceiling Panel

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC false ceiling planks are stylish elements for interior spaces. PVC is suitable for both residential and business settings. The planks can be abe included as a wall or a false ceiling cladding material.

PVC laminated ceiling panel is a superior choice due to its extreme strength and durability. Years can pass without the ceiling bowing or warping. PVC ceilings are not fragile like traditional POP ceilings and are not harmed when handled.

The planks can be placed at any angle to curves, horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or across any neighbouring planes. Teak Wood, Pine Wood, and White are just a few designs and colours available on PVC boards.

In both residential and commercial structures, PVC panels are frequently utilized as a cladding material for ceilings. Since it is formed in a factory, the finish is seamless, and it can be created in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes, and lengths. Each PVC panel has a glossy outside and a hollow inside.


The designs and pattern of the modular ceilings are surely going to grab your attention with their superior look. Depending on their intended use, modular false ceilings can come in a variety of forms.

These ceiling tiles utilize diverse materials to offer a variety of purposes. False ceilings can be categorized mostly according to the materials that were employed. Each substance has certain benefits and drawbacks. A mixture of materials can provide both practical and aesthetically pleasing characteristics.

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HVAC systems in hospitals

The Importance of HVAC Systems in Hospitals

When you enter a hospital, you hope to be in a comfortable environment. Without a calm and welcoming environment, patients do not feel at ease. Making it tough for them to recover. The indoor air quality, temperature, humidity, and ventilation play a vital role in improving comfort. (more…)

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ISO Standard Cleanroom

What are ISO Class in cleanrooms?

The essential expert on cleanroom classification norms is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is the worldwide portrayal of public standard bodies. The ISO is a non-legislative gathering with its central command in Geneva. (more…)

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Modular Operation Theatre in India

Important Things to Know About Modular Operation Theatre in India

With evolving technology, the medical industry is ditching regular operation theatres for modular operation theaters in India. This is not without reason. Modular operation theaters have a concise design, integrated functionality, level of cleanliness that conventional operation theatres cannot match up to. This is why more hospitals and nursing homes are investing in them with time. Sai Seva Service, a major modular operation theatre supplier in India; has adequate manpower to design, manufacture, install, commission, and validate the theatre across the country. (more…)

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modular cleanroom wall partitions

What are Modular Cleanroom Wall Partitions?

While establishing a controlled cleanroom climate, it’s essential to consider all aspects of the development cautiously, including the walls, floors and ceilings. Modular cleanroom walls & partitions should have the capability to keep out toxins, like airborne particles, just as permitting you to establish a climate where the wind stream, temperature and moisture are controlled.

One of the best modular cleanrooms features includes re-assembled parts, including walls and entryways. The principal benefit of modular cleanrooms is that they are speedy and simple to develop, contrasted with cleanrooms built utilizing standard development strategies. (more…)

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Modular Operation Theater

Get Safety of the Medical-Surgical Team with Modular Operation Theater

Modular operation theatre manufacturers in India are investing their bets on modular operation theater as the medical industry is moving towards adopting modular approaches. It is a designing approach in modular cleanrooms systems using standardized units for fast constructions and flexible arrangement. Apart from this, modular OTs are cost-effective, efficient in avoiding contamination, customizable, easy to maintain, time-saving, among other things. (more…)

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modular operation theatre features

Get Flexibility and Reliability with Modular Operation Theatre

A hospital’s operating rooms are its heart. One of the most revolutionary trends in the hospital industry and their surgical services is the modular operation theatre. Hospitals and medical institutions have been slowly shifting to modular operation theatres over the last few decades to make surgery more convenient and risk-free. Modular operation theatre provides a sterile environment free of disease-causing contaminations, thereby ensuring greater patient safety and faster healing. (more…)

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NABH Guidelines

What are NABH Guidelines for Modular Operation Theatre

Among all the industries, one of the most important is medical and healthcare infrastructure. And among this, what’s even more crucial is the operation department. To carry the operations seamlessly and eliminate any risks associated with surgical procedures, modular OT (operation theatre) is designed. (more…)

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Get Unique Combination of Design, Functionality of Modular Medical Operating Theater

A modular operating theatre ensures that there is complete protection from dust, oil, and other harmful particles. An advanced operation theatre requires different materials that must be safe and secure for operations. It meets the requirements of custom operating theatres that must deliver the best service to the patients. They should be made from a non-corrosive, insulating material, with cutouts. Manufacturing of such modular operation theatres is important to ensure that no contamination takes place while the process is going on. (more…)

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