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The Ultra Booth is a movable ultra-clean room equipped with disinfectant solution to 100% auto sanitized person passing through and prevent the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus among staff and employees.

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The current epidemic has forced us to stay at our homes and not come out until utmost necessary.

But, there are people who have to get to work, daily, to protect us and the country from infection.

The Ultra Safe Booth is a unique product that safeguards their health safety.

A Movable Disinfectant Booth, completely automatic, can be installed practically anywhere.

Any person passing through it gets 100% covered by the disinfectant solution and lower the risk of spreading all the Virus and Bacteria through clothes.

Technical Specification:

  • Fully automatic systems, that sense the entry and gets started; stops when the person is out
  • 6 industrial grade brass nozzles that consumes less solution and provides maximum output with cloud like mist
  • The structure is made out of Powder Coated GI sheet, to eliminate the chances of rusting
  • Heavy Duty PU wheel with locking systems, which allows the mobility of the booth
  • 200 ltr storage tank that allows 440 discharge in one fill

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Benefits of the Ultra Safe Booth

The booth is the ultimate sanitization tunnel for people to prevent COVID-19. It is a disinfectant catalyst that eliminates the susceptibility of bringing in bacterias and viruses. It minimizes the risk of carrying the virus by 99%, reducing the risk of spreading contagious diseases. The full-body disinfection booth for covid-19 also keeps the people safe from fungi, yeasts, and other microorganisms. Here’s why the Ultra Safe Booth is perfect for disinfecting people in crowded spaces;

  • Minimizes the risk of spreading the virus by undergoing complete sanitization
  • Eliminates nearly 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses on the human body
  • Portable disinfection booth that can be moved easily anywhere
  • A simple yet effective technology for reducing illness from viruses
  • Fast and affordable option to eliminate viruses and reduce infections

How does the Ultra Safe Booth work?

The Ultra Safe Booth is an advanced sanitization tunnel that has smart sensors to detect whenever a person walks through it. It sanitizes the person completely – from top to bottom and side-to-side. The sanitization process is easy and doesn’t involve any rocket science.

First, people will enter the sanitization booth and stop. The sprinklers on the inside release the disinfectants, which drop on the whole body, including the external belongings. The industrial-grade sprinkler reaches to the far ends of the body and ensures that almost everything is sanitized and 99% of viruses and bacteria get eliminated. It doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds, making it quick and reliable for all kinds of spaces.

It is one of the best ultra clean room systems that provides a safe environment for all people and reduces the risk of contagious viruses and diseases like the coronavirus. It is a healthy choice for everyone as the booth ensures everyone stays clean of bacteria and virus-causing illnesses.


The best disinfectant booth for the sanitization

There are different disinfectants and solutions available for the Ultra Safe Booth. To tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial and industrial facilities use a few specific disinfectants in their portable disinfection booth to ensure the complete safety of their people.

The different chlorine compounds are one of the most inexpensive and effective killers of bacteria and viruses. It is highly recommended in cleaning bodily fluids. It has a faster sanitizing time and requires only a sprinkle to clean harmful microorganisms.

Alcohol-based compounds are the most popular and effective when it comes to dealing with COVID-19. While they leave an odour, they are quick to eliminate any virus and bacteria. They are also the most easily available disinfectants for ultra clean room systems.

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds are useful in hospitals and other institutional settings as they are effective against a wide range of harmful microorganisms. It has both cleaning and disinfecting capabilities, ensuring to keep the environment safe from any diseases

Contact for buying the Ultra Safe Booth

The highly durable, virus and bacteria eliminating Ultra Safe Booth is the perfect choice for a healthy commercial and industrial environment. It is a preferred disinfection booth for covid-19.

While the causes of many bacteria and viruses remain unknown, the booth can eliminate all of them and reduce the risk of any contagious diseases. There are no harmful chemicals that will have any impact on the skin or the body.  Contact us today on the following number to send an email to (email address) for buying the Ultra Safe Booth.