A modular operating theater is a critical space for laboratories, hospitals, and research centres to ensure that the environment stays containment-free. Modular cleanroom manufacturers lay special emphasis on the design and ergonomics of the cleanroom that drastically impacts the cost. Keeping the modular systems free from contamination requires you to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

pharmaceuticalBut maintaining a clean environment can be quite challenging. There are so many things to take care of – cabinets, modular cleanroom wall panels, and everything else needs to be clean and in the perfect place.

Precision and attention to detail are important while building a modular operation theater. In every pharmaceutical or industrial environment, it is important that cleanrooms are contamination-free to the slightest degree.

This article will focus on a few things that you need to take care of while making a modular cleanroom. The leading modular cleanroom manufacturers suggest that just having the right components is not everything. There needs to be proper design, regular monitoring, and trained staff. Let’s have a look at all these things in detail.

4 Things to take care of while building a modular systems

A cleanroom requires consistent maintenance. So it is critical to keep that in mind while making the cleanroom. It will help you understand what you need to manage and maintain once it is built. Here’s what modular cleanroom manufacturers say you should take care of while building it –

  1. Focus on clean design

Your modular operating theater must have a minimal design. A cleanroom is essential to reduce the risk of large contaminations. This kind of design ensures that there’s proper airflow.

The right furniture placement is also important as it keeps the flow obstruction-free. ESD chairs are essential in environments with static electricity.

A clean design also helps you decide the number of access points you require in the room. The primary focus should be to have uninterrupted airflow.

  1. Schedule regular maintenance

It is important to regularly maintain the cleanroom, frequent cleanings are important. From the modular cleanroom wall panels to cabinets – everything must be cleaned.

Even the floor finishes and the cleaning chemicals can be a cause for contamination. So you must be careful with modular systems during maintenance as well.

Regular disinfection is important to ensure that unwanted particles do not enter and stay in the room. It would be great if your modular operation theater meets the ISO standards of cleaning.

  1. Trained staff

Modular cleanrooms are not just about design and maintenance – but also about the right people. Your staff must be trained to take proper care while working in the cleanroom.

Do you know that shedding skin is one of the major contributors to contamination in the cleanroom areas? Therefore, there’s a much higher standard of cleanliness than other spaces.

Train your staff properly to wear the right clothing and use all the equipment to ensure that nothing goes awry while working in the cleanroom station.

  1. Air monitoring

To ensure that the modular operation theater meets all the requirements and standards of cleanliness, it is important to monitor the air regularly. You can use air samplers or settle plates to do this.

Air samplers use a plate over which air is passed and that showcases the organisms and microparticles that could be in the environment. Settle plates have sterile growth media that are exposed for up to 4 hours in the open.

Working with modular cleanroom manufacturers will give you a better idea about the things that you need to care for while building it. Make sure that you meet all the benchmarks of cleanliness and regularly monitor the modular systems to ensure that no particle stays inside.