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Modular Cleanroom Systems

What is a Modular Cleanroom?

Modular cleanroom (or “modular clean rooms”) creates an atmosphere that is dust-free. The purpose of modular cleanroom systems is to limit the existence of sub-micron particles that might create disturbance in the environment. They generally support places like medical, pharma labs, examination rooms, and research & development facilities.

The minutest of dust particles can have an adverse impact on the production and packaging process in factories. Therefore, modular cleanrooms are necessary to eliminate any particles and ensure that there’s no damage to the manufacturing process in any way.

In essence, any cleanroom is a controlled environment that reduces the pollutants in the air like aerosol, dust, microbes, and others. It is helpful in testing and pharma facilities that may see heavy damage even if a single particle enters the microscope or the testing panel.

Sai Seva Services, offers complete modular cleanroom products, including partitions, cleanroom, ceiling panels, walls and modular door systems. We also provide high-quality, customized HVAC products for biotech, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing plants.

Modular Cleanroom Solutions for Pharma and Other Environments

Modular Cleanroom Systems Design & Installation

There are different types of modular cleanroom systems that we offer for assisting you in controlling the environment.

    The wall panels provide firm joint lines that offer a customized and smooth finish to the entire structure. They can fix a variety of clean room applications and provide an increased level of choices to the customers. Wall panels ensure that the structure is firm and supports other cleanroom systems.
    Under the pharmaceutical cleanroom classification, doors play an important role. Highly durable and easy to clean, these modular cleanroom doors prevent the entry of dust particles and are completely secure. They offer a cleaner environment and come in custom-made sizes.
    The ceilings offer a high level of resistance to dust particles. The ceilings and even the hard sidewalls are built with material that doesn’t easily accept microbes on the surface. If there are transparent sidewalls, then they are much easier to clean than solid ones.

Our modular cleanrooms are +ve pressure systems that create secure environments by protecting activities from harmful airborne particles.

Clean room Features

  • Removable & re-locatable
  • Cost-effective & alternative to conventional construction
  • Built to drawing layout, minimal alteration required
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Pre-fabricated systems for utilities
  • Totally flush concept
  • Highly corrosive resistance, durable

Cleanroom Standard Specification

  • Panel thickness- 50mm/ 75mm/100mm/150mm
  • Standard wall partitions are a composite construction of two skins pre-coated GI
  • Pre-coated Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel / Aluminium composite sheets.
  • Insulation put (40 kg/ M3 ), rock wool
  • Ceiling panel single skin / double skin / walkable/non-walkable

Modern Cleanroom Design and Installation

It is recommended to consult cleanroom manufacturers and suppliers before designing it. There are several elements that need to be installed in the beginning. The specific components, finish, and materials must be done at a stage when the cleanroom is being designed. 

You can select from any of the two cleanroom designs – mono-block and modular. Monoblocks are high-end structures that come with insulation characteristics. These have a relatively smooth surface and flush joints that prevent the spread of dust in the area.

Our modular cleanrooms are easily customizable according to the requirements. They can be built for the pharma industry, laboratories, manufacturing units, and many more. Since the production cost is relatively low, modular cleanrooms are much more convenient and accessible than monoblock ones.

Modular Cleanroom Benefits

  • Elegant Design
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Energy Savings
  • Safety
  • Fast Installation
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Best Quality

Modular cleanrooms are very versatile when compared to other clean rooms.

Modular Cleanroom Applications

There are multiple applications of cleanroom ceiling panels, walls and door systems. Aluminum honeycomb panels are the most widely used panels for cleanrooms in every industry.

SaiSevaService modular cleanrooms come with high-end technical specifications that ensure your space remains particle-free for the longest time. We provide cleanroom systems for pharmaceutical, industrial, and testing applications anywhere in India.

You can wash the panels, ceilings, and doors as they can withstand continuous cleaning and sterilization. You can stop the growth of microbes and different fungi that can damage the environment if it is too sensitive for the work.

Get the highest-quality cleanroom products from Sai Seva Service. The product materials we used are GI Powder Coated, SS-304 sheet, HPL sheet, and other materials based on client requirements.

We provide cutting-edge solutions for all spaces that require protection from pollutants. Our offerings include products for the thermal industry, food, plant construction, mechanical engineering, plastic, pharmaceutical, water management, and many more. Contact us to inquire about modular cleanroom costs and free consultations.