It is challenging to choose the right flooring in hospital areas like operating theatre floors, intensive care units, and imaging diagnostic centres. Aside from complying with strict hygiene standards to prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections, electrostatic charges can pose a serious threat to sensitive electronic equipment and devices when choosing floor coverings.

Importance of Electrostatic and Conductive Flooring on the Operating Theatre floor?

A hospital has many different environments, including operating theatre floors, that require protection from electrostatic discharges (ESD) for the safety of patients, staff, and equipment. Modular operation theatre manufacturers need to be aware of this importance and provide the right services.

Which Areas Need Electrostatic and Conductive Flooring?

Electrostatic discharge precautions are important in modern healthcare design in areas that handle or store explosive gases, or in those that use sensitive imaging, diagnostic, and treatment equipment.

Anaesthesia, intensive care units, laboratories, MRI and CT imaging areas, cleanrooms, and operating theatres are examples of these spaces.

Surgical operating rooms are one of the spaces that require greater care since they are used for high-risk procedures. Since they reduce electric shocks and facilitate asepsis, Conductive Floors play an essential role in operating rooms.

According to the guidelines for modular operation theatre, floors in critical areas of hospitals, such as operating rooms, should be made of materials that are high-tech, resistant, and antiseptic. Medical personnel and patients benefit from that.

As a result, it is crucial to use conductive floors in operating rooms, as they facilitate the fast and safe conduct of electrical charges. These operating theatre floors are non-flammable, water-resistant, and have optimal antimicrobial properties.

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What is the risk of ESD?

When electrically charged objects are brought close to objects that conduct electricity, electrons will jump across the gap, resulting in a discharge. Sparks or cracks may occur if the charge is strong enough.

Even a tiny discharge, too small for a person to notice, can interrupt sensitive electronic components or cause equipment failures. Hence, ESD-resistant floors are necessary for areas with sensitive electronics.

The attraction of static electricity to charged surfaces also attracts dust, airborne contaminants, and other particles.

As a result, reducing static in healthcare facilities makes surfaces easier to clean and improves the cleanliness of the environment. This potentially reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses in the process.

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What are the benefits of an electrostatic and conductive floor?

  • Reduce Electrostatic Charges

An important goal of protected areas like cleanrooms and operating theatres is to reduce electrostatic charges. It is important to consider the floor covering in areas with such characteristics.

  • Enhanced Performance and Hygiene

Conductive vinyl is used for Operating theatre flooring. Its electrostatic properties make them permanently conductive.

Placing copper strips under the vinyl material and applying conductive glue under the coating enhances the performance of the operating theatre floor.

To ensure hygiene in such an environment, the floor has a hollow skirting where it makes contact with the wall.

  • Unaffected By Environmental Conditions

Materials and installation procedures ensure permanent conductive properties that meet all standards for operating theatre floors.

In spite of changes in environmental conditions, such as humidity levels, the floor covering will maintain its optimal performance throughout its lifetime.

The above factors contribute to a floor covering’s optimal performance, regardless of changes in environmental conditions.

  • Economical Solution

Stains and scratches are particularly resistant to the upper layer of the lining. As it has a long lifespan, it provides a more economical and sustainable solution for the space.

  • Varied Designs

The variety of shades and finishes provides a wide selection of aesthetic options to suit each space’s needs.

  • Low maintenance

It’s easy to install ESD floors over existing floors. Furthermore, it is easy to seal these floors with floor finish products after installation.

Final Word

The best hospital flooring is ESD Flooring, which is suitable for labs, MRI rooms, cleanrooms, and operating theatres.

Especially, those working in healthcare environments where electrostatic discharge can pose a health and safety risk should be aware of ESD flooring.

Electrostatic discharge can pose a health and safety risk in operating theatres. Hence, ESD Floors should be used as operating theatre floors. Contact us today to install ESD flooring or operating theatre floors.